Logic and
Theory of
Discrete Systems

Informatik 7




The chair researches a wide area of topics in theoretical computer science. Our main research projects are the DFG graduate school AlgoSyn and the DFG Koselleck project Logic, Structure and the Graphisomorphismproblem. Current areas of research include:


  • finite model theory
  • descriptive complexity theory
  • strategy synthesis from logical specifications


  • algorithmic graph structure theory
  • algorithmic meta sentences
  • certifying algorithms
  • algorithmic theory of infinite graphs
  • algorithmic group theory
  • online algorithms

Automata Theory

  • verification by methods of automata theory
  • theory of finite automata on infinite objects

Complexity Theory

  • parametric complexity theory
  • complexity of constraint satisfaction problems

Database Theory

  • expressive power and algorithmic aspects of query languages
  • streaming and "big data" algorithms